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"Question on Islam? Ask Here..."
41 years old
United States -
Last Login: May 18 2020

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   Contacting Muslim.

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Music Contemporary Issues - Bilal Philips

Peer Pressure Facing Islam's Youth

Music, Art, Photography

Music in Islam

In the Light of Islam

Islam and Terrorism

Interest and Islamic Banking

Apostasy, Alcohol


Movies Imam Suhaib Webb on Bollywood

"You have to correct this culture..this Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, Shaytaan..all this nonsense is destroying the Pakistani and Indian youth...wallahi. My wife is from Malaysia, I went to Malaysia and now they have Bollywood in Malay. I was riding on a bus in the mountains through Malaysia and the bus driver is watching a movie and driving a bus at 3 o clock in the morning. This is crazy, this your illah?? Why don't you stand in the night and pray or somethin? You have to fight this culture."

"It (romance novels) creates a mentality in you, like Bollywood....I'm like going to start an anti-Bollywood Jamaat..because I'm telling you, I saw a Bollywood movie on that bus..because the screen was right there, and my wife was hitting me, "why are you watchin this?", "screen is right there man ", she can sleep on the bus, I can't, and I wanted to see it..actually you can't watch it very much..because they don't have much clothes on..these Hindu chicks. So I watch the movie, and I watched this movie and honestly, I have become convinced that this is an agent of Shaytaan. I'm telling you, because it builds this false sense of life in you, is a love story. Life is ibaadah. Love will be with your family, when you get married you will find true love with your wife inshallah."

Verily! Hearing, Sight, and the heart, all will be Questioned (by Allah)

Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts). That is purer for them. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of what they do.

How do we reconcile those verses with the television that assaults our eyes with Haram almost every second that it is on? How do we reconcile it?

Ruling on watching TV, videos and satellite channels

Television Islam on Watching TV

Shaykh At-Tahhaan once told his students, “It was late at night when our phone rang one day. This Muslimah whispered into the phone, ‘Is this Shaykh At-Tahhaan?’ I said, ‘Yes it is me.’ She kept saying is it really you? And he said, ‘Yes, what is wrong?’ At that she just started sobbing and sobbing into the phone. After some time, she explained, ‘The children’s father bought a TV and video 2 days ago. Tonight I found my young son practicing the Haraam that he saw on his younger sister!’ Then she collapsed sobbing again.”

Everything starts with a look, and big fires start from a little spark.


Biography by a Muslim, Muhammad Hamidullah

Biography by a non-Muslim, K. S. Ramakrishna Rao

Muhammad A Blessing For Mankind, Jamal Badawi

Finality of Prophethood

Prophethood in Islam

Last Sermon of the Prophet


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About me:

Thought of Allah At All Times

When You Meet a Muslim

Assalamu Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You)

When a Muslim Greets You First

Walaikum Assalam (and Peace Be Upon You)

When Starting To Do Something

Bismillah (In the Name of Allah)

When Intending To Do Something

Insha-Allah (If Allah Wills)

When Taking An Oath

Wallah Billah (Swearing to Allah)

When Something Is Being Praised

Subhana-Allah (Glory Be To Allah)

When In Pain and Distress

Ya-Allah (O' Allah)

When Expressing Appreciation

Masha-Allah (That Which Allah Wills)

When Thanking Someone

Jazak Allah Khair (May Allah Reward)

When Awakening From Sleep

La-Ilaha-Ill Allah (There is None Worthy of Worship Except Allah Alone)

When Sneezing

Alhamdu-Lillah (All Praise Be To Allah)

When Someone Else Sneezes

Yar-Hamuk-Allah (May Allah Bestow His Mercy On You)

When Repenting Of A Sin

Astagh-Ferrullah (May Allah Forgive)

When Giving To Charity


When Having Love For Someone


When Getting Married


When A Problem Appears

Tawak-Kalto Al-Allah (I Trust In Allah)

When Unpleasantness Occurs

Audhu-Billah (I Seek Refuge With Allah)

When Pleasantness Appears


When Participating In Prayer

AMEEN (May Allah Answer)

When Parting From Someone

Fi-Aman-Allah (May Allah Protect)

When Death Message Is Received

Inna-Lillahi-Wa-Inna-Ilaihi Rajiun (To Allah We Belong And To Him We Shall Return)

Islamic Mailing List

Who I'd like to meet:

Commonly Misquoted Verses and Narrations

1. Introduction
2. Verse 1: "Fighting is ordained for you..." (2:216)
3. Verse 2: "Not equal are those who sit at home..." (4:95)
4. Verse 3: "Among the believers are men having fulfilled their covenant..." (33:23)
5. Verse 4: "When you meet the infidels, smite their necks..." (47:4)
6. Verse 5: "There is no blame on those who are old..." (9:91)
7. Verse 6: "Slay them wherever you catch them..." (2:191)
8. Verse 7: "But if they turn away, catch and slaughter them..." (4:89)
9. Verse 8: "Fight the pagans wherever you see them..." (9:5)
10. Abrogated?
11. Verse 9: "They ask you about fighting in the holy month..." (2:217-218)
12. Verses 10: "Fight in God's cause..." (2:244) & (4:76)
13. Verse 11: "Fight those who believe not in God..." (9:29)
14. Similar Narration: "I have been ordered to fight..."
15. Verse 12: "Ruthless to the disbelievers..." (5:54) & (48:29)
16. Verses 13: "I will instil terror into the hearts..." (8:12-13)
17. Verse 14: "The punishment for those who wage war..." (5:33)
18. Similar Narration: "A group from the Ukil/Urayna tribe..."
19. Verse 15: "Take not the Jews and Christians as friends..." (5:51)
20. Misquoted Narrations
21. Narration 1: "such a deed as equals Jihad..."
22. Narration 2: "There is no migration now, only Jihad..."
23. Narration 3: "Paradise is under the shade of swords..."
24. Narration 4: "...I am bringing you slaughter!"
25. Narration 5: "I have been made victorious with terror..."
26. Narration 6: "Expel them from the Arabian peninsula..."
27. Narration 7: "Whoever replaces his religion, execute him"
28. Narration 8: "...They are from them"
29. Conclusion


25 Most Frequently Asked Questions About ISLAM


Spying or Working Against Muslims is HARAAM

The kufr governments and regimes are trying hard to recruit Muslims to spy on their fellow brethren. Obviously, they will give it other names so as to justify the spying and offer bountiful of rewards for such actions. If one were to look at the action itself and see where it falls under in Islam, surely they would know that any from of spying on another Muslim is HARAAM. We would like to remind the Muslim communities and especially the masajid with the article below which reminds Muslims not to fall victim to such trickery as taking upon this severe action makes a person sinful.


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An-Niyqaabiy Fiysabiylillaah

01-01-2010 9:42:55


11-26-2009 11:00:16

Assalaamu alaykom! kool aam wento bekhair! Eid Mubarak! How are you and your family?Inshallah everyone is fine and in the best of health and iman. With so much love for the pleasure and glory of Allah!

08-12-2009 4:00:41

Salaams brother; was just stopping by to wish you a wonderful time while prreparing for Ramadan. Peaca and blessings... wa salaam

06-07-2009 8:58:26 Customization

04-04-2009 11:43:10

Hello! Myspace Comments Asalaam aleykoum, Just passing thru to give my salaams hope all is well with you and yours.

02-06-2009 1:29:13

Assalamo 3alikom brother! Thanx alot for the friend request. Your page is nice mashallah. I wanted to open the verses you posted in the topic "Commonly Misquoted Verses and Narrations" cause there are often non-muslim people copying verses like that and insulting Islam with that, so i hoped to find good explanations for those but i couldnt open them. Is there a problem in it or maybe my pc is not working good... May Allah bless you. Salam.

01-19-2009 9:09:41

Mosque Up Wa.JPG

Islam | Forward this Picture La Illa ila Allah

01-16-2009 11:41:32

As salam mualakium thanxx for the add!

01-13-2008 7:37:35

AS SALAAMU ALAYKUM NUBIAN KING. MAY ALLAH BLESS YOUR KNOWLEDGE. STAY BALANCE IN THE CIRCLE OF LIFE. Photobucket THIS SIGN MEANS THE CIRCLE OF LIFE. HERE'S A POEM CALLED THE CIRCLE OF LIFE. MAY WE LEARN THE EXPERIENCES OF THYSELF AND OTHERS."circle of love" We have moved in circles. We have danced from the east to the west. We have crawled from the south to the north. We learned to dance the dance of lust to echo the songs of love. We were taught the values and need of good fruit, But, we couldn't hold on in midst of the turbulent, evil winds. We were fortified by the walls of our own will. Freely given the powers of choice, as keys to golden gate of promises. Like the giant eagles surrounds her chicks with love and care, we are guided by a sea of love. Like the moon is guarded by the standing stars, so we are shielded in the circle of love. We are held and nurtured from the womb to the present. We experience the songs of love differently from the sides of the circle. We feel the touch of love, like the sea's wind, caressing us. Despite the past and the scary moments we embraced to get to where we are, we have been blessed. The mountains would not have towered so high, were it not for the valleys. So, we wouldn't have come this far without the winds of love. Despite the killer jaws and crushing claws of evil, the nature's love has never eluded us. Close your eyes, look around, feel the sun, the moon, the wind and count your blessings of love. No matter what you feel, no matter what you see in your mirror, stay in the circle and love with all your might... like tomorrow without end. Circle of love.

01-10-2008 6:51:41

Graphics - @

Comment Myspace Sexy at

01-09-2008 9:01:03

assalamualaikum muslim,,have a nice day,,^_^

01-09-2008 11:12:31 - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes
Myspace Islam Comments

01-09-2008 1:09:30

Walakuim salam! how are things inshallah??

01-08-2008 9:43:52

al-salamo 3alakom nice 2 meet u thanx for add
What is in a name but the soul of a believer...

01-05-2008 7:57:39 Shukrun for the friend request! Aminah

01-04-2008 9:52:05

Asalamu alaikum bro... thanks for the add :)

01-03-2008 7:56:03

Walaykum As Salaam Dawaah, Shukran for all the info May Allah continue 2 Bless to carry on the work u doin Ameen.."Ma Salaam" Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

12-19-2007 6:22:08

HI...ASSALAAMU ALAIKUM Eid ul Adha 1 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Live to the point of tear

12-07-2007 6:06:08
MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts
Live to the point of tear

11-26-2007 5:15:03 Customization
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