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34 years old
london, london
United Kingdom -
Last Login: December 23 2008

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Status: Single
Here for: Networking, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: london
Body Type: Slim / Slender
Ethnicity: Africana
Smoke / Drink: No/No
Education: Grad / professional school
Religion: Islam
Occupation: university student
Height: 5"2'

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10-31-2007 4:53:55

BabiTag Comments - Sassy Trendy Sexy

10-28-2007 2:30:45

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An-Niyqaabiy Fiysabiylillaah

09-28-2007 10:23:31

As salaam 'laykum wa ra'hmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.

How are you sister Aaliyah? Insha^Allaah you are in the best of health and Imaan. Jazaak Allaah khayr for the add!

Inshaa^Allaah, I hope we will be great friends and keep in touch from time to time.

Bismillaahir Ra'hmanir Rahiym

"O Allaah, may it be pleasing to You to put our feet firm upon the straight path ...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allah! Give us that belief and faith after which there may not be any infidelity and a Mercy enabling us to achieve the blessings of Your gifts in this world and the Hereafter...amiyn yaa Allaah!

"O Allaah! We ask of you to give us a conviction and that Your Decree is the very fulfilment of our aims, and an entertainment which is offered to martyrs, and a life of the fortunate, and Your help over enemies...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allaah! We place before You our needs, though our understanding is limited, and our actions are weak, hence we are badly need of Your Mercy...O The Maker of affairs and Healer of the Hearts! As You by Your power keep the oceans separate from each other; so we request from You to keep us away from the punishment of the Hell-Fire, and the lamentations of the one about to perish, and from the punishment of the grave...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allaah! Make me one who is guided aright, and guides others aright. Do not misguide me, and do not make me misguided others. I may be in peace with Your friends and enemy of Your enemies. Those who love You, I should love them for that love of Yours, and those who are against You, I should have enmity with them due to their enmity with You...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allaah! It is for us to supplicate, and for You to accept. This is our effort and our reliance is on You...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

As salaam 'alaykum wa ra'hmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.

09-27-2007 9:45:12

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09-20-2007 8:50:49


07-09-2007 2:31:37

Boy chasing for water-

US Soldier Atrocities in Iraq -

Soldiers TORTURING a HURT DOG in Iraq-

U.S. Soldiers in Iraq kill innocent civilians and laugh! -

Democracy ch. - iraq -

Occupation 101


06-11-2007 3:07:38

hey lovely sis thanx for the request anyways how r u doin:? i hope u allright and stay plessed holla

06-09-2007 3:16:09

salam 3alekom

06-08-2007 3:42:03

Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu What or who is Salaf? The word Salaf is a shortened version of the word Salafus-Saalih, which means the Righteous Predecessors. It refers specifically to the first three generations of Islaam. The first, the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam & his Sahaabah (companions). The second, the Taabi'een (the followers of the companions). The third, the Tabaa'at-Taabi'een (the followers of the followers of the companions). Generally, this term refers to all those pious predecessors who followed the way of the Salaf and who have preceded us in time. Imaam Aboo ’Amr ’Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn ’Amr al-Awzaa’ee [d.179H]: “Stick to the aathaar of those who have preceded (man salaf), even if the people reject you. And beware of the opinions of men, even if they beautify it for you with speech. So the affair is young and you are upon a Straight Path with regards to it.” Shaykh-ul-Islaam ibn Taymiyyah: “Whoever deviates from the Madhhab and Tafseer of the Sahaaba and Tabi’een to that which opposes it then he has erred in that rather

06-08-2007 3:40:41

Asalaamu alaykum sister how are you doing ?

06-07-2007 10:09:49

Salam alaikom sister Loving your page. Take of yourself. I dont know how to add a background, little by little inchallah Masalamaaaaaaaaaaa

05-06-2007 3:09:56

Asalaamu alaykum to all those who visit my page...inshAllah leave your salaam..
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