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Goimaalik Al-Muslim

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"Toadius Muslimus Maximus is The Toadie of Allah."
44 years old
here, there
Malaysia - 6666
Last Login: September 22 2007

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"And make ready against
them all you can of power,
including steeds of war to
threaten the enemy of
Allah and your enemy, and
others besides whom you
may not know but whom
Allah does know. And
whatever you shall spend
in the Cause of Allah shall
be repaid unto you, and
you shall not be treated

[Al-Anfaal 8:60]

Learning languages.
Right now, by the will of Allah, trying to learn...

1. 'Arabic.
2. Italian.
3. Mathematics. (yes it is a language. The language of the sciences. And it is advocated by Rasuwlu-(a)llah thru one of his in-direct sayings.)

Looking for any others who are willing to teach me new languages, inshaa^Allah. The more the better.

The Toad beneath the harrow knows,
Exactly where each tooth-point goes;
The Butterfly upon The Road,
Preaches contentment to that Toad.

~ Rudyard Kipling ~


I can't stand The Lies
I'm not that naive
I'm just out to find
The Better Pro-mi-se

I'm more than a Toad;
I'm more than a pain
More than some rospetto
Beside some drain

And it's just easy
To be me...

Wish that I could cry
Falling upon my knees
Find a way thru The Lies
To a Home I dream to see

It may sound averse
But don't be naive
Every hero for The Truth must bleed
I may be disturbed
But won't you conceed
That Allah alone to be worshipped?

But it's just easy
To be me...

Movies Who need movies when we are living and a part of the greatest "adventure" there is! The ongoing battle btwn Allah against Dajjal and Ibliys' A'hzaab! Allahu Akbaar!

It don't come any greater than that bub!
Television Life.

Thinking about your dreams in terms of what you are willing to do right now, rather than what you'll do or be someday is a call to action.

Transformation is an active process. You are on a journey this very moment. The question is, are you on the right journey?

If you aren't going anywhere, or you are heading in the wrong direction (towards failure because you are putting things off), simply adjust course, and live the life you want to live. And if that means making a sacrifice, then go for it! Put in the time and effort required, using all the methods you've learned about above, all the while keeping in mind what it is you are working towards.

Always look to the horizon: focus on your dreams, how to make them come true, and actually make them come true one moment and one task at a time.
Books Three Risala[t] (Torah, Nevtim, Kethuvim) for The Jews, cursed under HIS Eyes;

Four (Luke, Mathew, John, Mark) for the christians 'daaliyn in their cities of stone;

Two (Quran and Hadisth) for The Mu^miniyn, men willing to die;

One (Luwh Mahfuwz) for The Lord on HIS Holy Throne;

In the Land Eternal where the Janna[t] lie.

One Sabiyli-(a)llah to rule them all. One Sabiyli-(a)llah to proof them;

One Sabiyli-(a)llah to test them all and in The Light bind them;

In the Land Eternal where the Jahannam lie.

Lest you should say:
"The Book was only
sent down to two sects
before us, and for
our part, we were in
fact unaware of what
they studied.

[Al-An'aam 6:156]

Heroes: The Muslimuwn...

"He who obeys The Rasuwl
has indeed obeyed Allah,

but he who turns away,
then we have not sent you
as a watcher over them.

[A(l)-nnisaa^ 4:80]

The Muw^minuwn.
The Muttaquwn.
The 'Saabiruwn.
The Mujaahiduwn.
The Mukhlisuwn.
The 'Siddiyquwn.
The 'Saalihuwn.
The Shuhadaa^.

Groups: H.O.G - Halaqa[t] of Goimaalik,

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Status: Single
Here for: Networking, Friends,
Orientation: No Answer
Body Type: Slim / Slender
Ethnicity: Asian
Smoke / Drink: No/No
Education: No Answer
Religion: Islam
Height: 0"0'

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About me:

Hold up while i start transferring stuff from myspace.



One who flatters another excessively: adulator, courtier, flatterer, sycophant. Informal apple-polisher. See over/under, praise/blame.


To support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior: bootlick, cringe, fawn, grovel, kowtow, slaver, truckle. Informal apple-polish, brownnose, cotton. Slang suck up. Idioms: curry favor, dance attendance, kiss someone's feet, lick someone's boots. See over/under.

A(l)-ssalaamu 'alaykum wa ra'hma[t]u-(a)llahi wa barakaa[t]uh(u). Na'uzdubi-(a)llahi min a(l)-sh-shay'taani-(al)-rrajiym. Bismi-(a)llahi-(al)-rra'hmaani-(al)-rra'hiym. Salaawata wa salaam 'ala(y) al-khatimu-(a)l-anbiyaa^, Mu'hammada-(al)-rrasuwlu-(a)llah (salallahu alayhi wa sallam). Laa ilaaha ila-(a)llahu wa Mu'hammadu (s'aw)-(al)-rrasuwlu-(a)llah. Laa hawla wa laa quwata ilaa bi-(a)llah.

Ya aiyuh an-naas... I do not call you to take a path that i which myself do not dare nor capable of traversing. Nastarghfirullah wa na'uzdubillah min zdaalika. I do not call you to my way; but rather i call you upon a Road that i myself is traversing upon! The old road... the way for many whom had passed through before us... The Way of those on whom has been bestowed The Grace, those whose is not in wrath and who go not astray [from Al-Fatihat 1:7]! Alhamduwlillah.

"O you who have BEEN GIVEN/RECIEVED The Book,
(Warning to Jews, Christians... AND MUSLIMUWN)
Believe in what WE have revealed
confirming what is with you, before
WE efface faces and turn them
hindwards or curse them as WE cursed
The Sabbath ­breakers.

[A(l)-nnisaa' 4:47]

Come my brethens! Time is ever fleeting.. Allah has opened The Way and The Gates to all mankind... Salvation is yours if only you would take it. Do not be arrogant O baniy Adam; Humble yourself and take The Aid Allah is offering you and let It Guide you and save yourself! inshaa^Allah. We have traverse the wilderness in confusion long enough, take the beacon brethens and let us return to our home by His side, inshaa^Allah wa al'hamduwlillah.

Ya baniy Adam... Submit to and take Guidance minallah and you shall receive mercy, purpose and direction for your life return! Inshaa^Allah. And be wary O brethens... Shay'taan to you an ever avowed enemy!

"O ye who believe! Enter into Islam whole
heartedly; and follow not the footsteps of the
Evil One; for he is to you an avowed enemy."

[Al-Baqarah 2:208]

Narrated Abu Musa: The Prophet said,
"The example of Muslims, Jews and Christians
is like the example of a man who employed
laborers to work for him from morning till night.
They worked till mid-day and they said, 'We are
not in need of your reward.' SO the man
employed another batch and said to them,
'Complete the rest of the day and yours will be
the wages I had fixed (for the first batch). They
worked Up till the time of the 'Asr prayer and
said, 'Whatever we have done is for you.' He
employed another batch. They worked for the
rest of the day till sunset, and they received the
wages of the two former batches."

[Bukhari Vol 1:Bk 10:Num 533]
[Bukhari Vol 3:Bk 36:Num 468]
[Bukhari Vol 3:Bk 36:Num 469]
[Bukhari Vol 3:Bk 36:Num 471]
[Bukhari Vol 6:Bk 61:Num 539]

Trying to the best of my current level of abilities and knowledge and understanding to be a Muslim upon The Way and Cause of Allah. The Perfect Muslim, but alas, mankind is a pefect imperfection. There is no such thing as infalliblity among us. If prophets are capable of error, what are we eh? But none the less, trying to be pleasing to Allah first and foremost, Inshaa^Allah. May it be pleasing to Allah to make it easy for us....

But darnit peeps! I'm not perfect already! GAH!.. What part of the phrase "Allah is the only perfection." that you don't understand?!?! Punks!

BAH!.. phff!..


Those with asterisk marks are empty.

"Enjoin you Al-Birr on the people
and you forget yourselves, while
you recite The Book?!
Have you then no sense?"

[Al-Baqara[t] 2:44]

Toadius Muslimus Maximus:
Imperial Storm-trooper.
Maalay Detachment.

[25th JUNE 2006] The Detour: 'Aiysha[t]

[19th JUNE 2006] 40 Questions.

[19th JUNE 2006] Deleting...

*[7th Nov 2004] THE DREAM: A Rama'dan Odyssey: Part 2

"And WE have sent down to you The Book
in truth, confirming The Book that
came before it and Mu'haymina[n]
(trustworthy in highness and a witness)
over it. So judge between them by what
Allah has revealed, and follow not
their vain desires, diverging away
from The Truth that has come to you.
To each among you, WE have prescribed
a law and a clear way. If Allah willed,
HE would have made you one nation, but
that [HE] may test you in what HE has
given you; so strive as in a race in
good deeds.
The return of you is to
Allah; then HE will inform you about
that in which you used to differ."

[Al-Maa^ida[t] 5:48]

The Maalay Dilemma:
[7th JANUARY 2007] Yaa Ahlu-(al)-ssunna[t] wa-(a)l-Jama'ah of Tribe Maalayuwn...

[24th SEPTEMBER 2006] A root cause of The Maalay dilemma....

[5th JULY 2006] Fiy sabiyli-(a)llah.

[4th JULY 2006] Bukan ka lebih senang hampa pi bunuh ajos bapak hampa?

[29th JUNE 2006] Yang Jebak dan Yang Terjebak (in Maalay)

[26th JUNE 2006] 'Azab Bagi Wanita (in Maalay)

"And believe in what I have sent
down, confirming that which is
with you,and BE NOT THE FIRST
to kaafir (disbelieve/reject)
and buy not with MY ayaat a small price,
and fear ME and Me Alone."

[Al-Baqara[t] 2:41]

The Path:


[18th OCTOBER 2006] An Explanation of the Truth of Monotheism.

[23th JULY 2006] Wisdom from The Quran, Aid from Allah.

[23th JULY 2006] Wisdom from The Quran, Acceptance of Repetance

[23th JULY 2006] Types of Permissible Rgiyba[t] (Backbiting/Mengumpat).


[28th FEB 2005] Khutba[t]u-(a)l-Widaa^: Rasuwlu-(a)llah (S'AW) Last Sermon To The Umma[t] Mass.

[28th FEB 2005] Follow The Stranger.

[28th FEB 2005] Work your P.O.D: The Secret to True Success.

[19th FEB 2005] The Upper Hijab: The Issue of Khimaar

[16th FEB 2005] Evolution

[15th FEB 2005] Coda Mujaahidiyn

[9th FEB 2005] Basic Planning for Small Islaamic Organizations

[9th FEB 2005] Calling All Muslimiyn: We Must Return To The True Path

[6th JAN 2005] O Men Of The Umma[t]

[25th NOV 2004] THE SHEILD

[22nd SEPT 2004] An advice to Al-umma[t]u Muhammad(saw)

[22nd SEPT 2004] Another advice to Al-umma[t]u Muhammad(saw)

[4th AUG 2004] An advice from Dr.Duck

"And mix/cover not truth with The False,
nor conceal The Truth while you know."

[Al-Baqarah 2:42]

A Point To Ponder:
[17th OCTOBER 2006] Quote from the seekers of Truth...

[23th JULY 2006] DON'T PLAY LAWYER: Hijab, a muslima[t]'s Pandora

[23th JULY 2006] Islaamic Relationship: Natural Selection

[20th JUNE 2006] Wake up! Time to Return...

[20th FEB 2006] 'Amar ma'gruwf wa nahiy munkar.

[19th JUNE 2006] The Asbaa't: The Sons of ^Ib-raahiym.

*[29th AUG 2005] whose name shall be most praise...

*[18th AUG 2005] Jahannam

*[13th JUNE 2005] O Muslimaat, have you no sense left?

*[13th JUNE 2005] God is your hero?

[2th JUNE 2006] ...From The Caravans of The Travellers

*[6th APR 2005] Knocking Falsehood off its brains!

*[5th APR 2005] Believe this...

[28th FEB 2005] The Fate of the Jews

[28th FEB 2005] Islaam Ha'dari: Submission to Civilization.

[13th FEB 2005] Advices: Wisdom of The Ages

[8th FEB 2005] Snakes...

[3rd Jan 2005] The US Gov delivers the deathblow to America...

[30th Dec 2004] To Believe Or Not To Believe...

[20th Dec 2004] MARRIAGE: Would You Marry You?

Possibly the best poem I ever constructed! :p

[16th OCT 2004] An Official Declaration Dissolving Al-Muhajiroun

[3th MARCH 2005] Al-Haristh ibnu Harrasth

[6th SEPT 2004] Change of Mind

"And many a Prophet fought and along with
him large bands of religious learned men.
But they never lost heart for that which
did befall them in Allah's Way, nor did
they weaken nor degrade themselves. And
Allah loves The 'Saabiriyn."

[Al-'Imraan 3:146]

The Plan and The War:
[25th DECEMBER 2006] The Last Great Jihaad: Duty is Unity.

[14th OCTOBER 2006] Hazdaa-(a)l-Islaam

[24st SEPTEMBER 2006] Knights of The Imperial Throne...

[Working] The Beacon and The Cannon.

[23st JULY 2006] Reform The Array...

[1st JULY 2006] Al-^A'hzaab: Lands of The ^Autaad.

*[22th JUNE 2005] Al-^A'hzaab: The Confederates.

*[7th Nov 2004] OVER IT ARE NINETEEN! - Poem to The Magnificents

"And remember Allah took a Covenant from
the People of the Book, to make it known
and clear to mankind, and not to hide it but
they threw it away behind their backs and
purchased with it some miserable gain
and vile was the bargain they made!"
[Al-i-'Imran 3:187]

The Replies:
[13th MARCH 2006] Shirk and Retribution.

*[17th MAY 2005] Bahai Babbles

*[3th APR 2005] The Blessed and The Cursed

[Wed, 15th June 2005] The Oath of Har-Megiddo

[19th MARCH 2005] Take The Road and Walk With Me...

[7th MARCH 2005] The Enigma of Fitaan: Part 1

[11th MARCH 2005] The Enigma of Fitaan: Part 2

[Working] The Enigma of Fitaan: Part 3

[6th MARCH 2005] Will you still not walk with me O son of Adam?

[5th MARCH 2005] Understanding Quran: Creation of Man

[1st MARCH 2005] I'm a monotheist damnit! spell that: M-O-N-O-T-H-E-I-S-T.

[28th FEB 2005] Of Misconception and Monotheism.

[28th FEB 2005] Discusssion: Bible, Christians and Muslimiyn

[16th FEB 2005] O Jews (and muslimiyn)...

[12th FEB 2005] Miracles Are For Morons - Part 1

[12th FEB 2005] Miracles Are For Morons - Part 2

[12th FEB 2005] Miracles Are For Morons - Part 3

[12th FEB 2005] Miracles Are For Morons - Part 4

[15th FEB 2005] Miracles Are For Morons - Part 5

[15th FEB 2005] Miracles Are For Morons - Part 6

[15th FEB 2005] Miracles Are For Morons - Part 7

[25th NOV 2004] O Ye of The Book...

[7th SEPT 2004] Why Do I Prefer Telling Others to Fear Allah
Rather Then Extolling HIS Love.

[1st SEPT 2004] Beating The Wife

[4th AUG 2004] Evidence

[4th AUG 2004] Atheist harbi

[4th AUG 2004] Jihaadu-(al)-nnafs

[1st SEPT 2004] Huwrris

[15th SEPT 2004] A Message of Mercy
(On the question "Why do you muslimuwn hate us")

[2nd SEPT 2004] Riba (usury)

[Wed, 7th March 2006] RIBA: A Declaration of War against Mankind.

[Fri, 24th March 2006] RIBA: Why Muslimiyn Will Pay Dearly For Riba.

[2nd SEPT 2004] Apostasy

[4th AUG 2004] End of Days

"And The First Ones from The Muhaajiriyn
and The ^An'saar and also those who
followed them exactly. Allah is well
pleased with them as they are well
pleased with HIM. HE has prepared for
them Jinaat (gardens) under which
rivers flow, to dwell therein forever.
That is the supreme success."

[At-Tawbah 9:100]

The Standards:

[18th DECEMBER 2006] The Tank.

[17th OCTOBER 2006] The Knight.

[Seeking] The Red Death.

[17th FEB 2005] The Trustworthy.

[17th FEB 2005] The Crackpot.

"So, when you meet THOSE WHO HAS
KUFR-ED, smite at their necks till
when you have killed and wounded
many of them, then bind a bond
firmly. Thereafter either for
generosity or ransom until the war
lays down its burden. Thus, but if
it had been Allah's Will, HE
HIMSELF could certainly have
punished them (without you). But
in order to test you, some with
others. But those who are killed
in the Way of Allah, HE will never
let their deeds be lost.

[Muhammad 47:4]

Knights Under Allah's Imperial Banner:
[Working] The Roster: Commanders and Knights of The Imperium.

[7th APR 2006] A Jihaad Against A Crusade: Salahu-(al)-ddiyn Al-Ayyubiy- BIOGRAPHY.

[9th APR 2006] A Jihaad Against A Crusade: Salahu-(al)-ddiyn Al-Ayyubiy - CAMPAIGN.

[21th FEB 2006] The Only Place I'm going From Here is Heaven.

[26th DEC 2004] 'Abdullah Yuwsuf 'A'z'zam

[26th DEC 2004] The Umma[t]'s Valiant Lion of the Saljuwqiyuwn

[25th NOV 2004] Suraqa[t] Al-Andalusiy

[22nd NOV 2004] The Riba't: An American Shahiyd

Who I'd like to meet:

This is Homeland, well temporary shelter on Al-Ar'd atleast...

In 1924, disaster struck! What calamity! The Beacon of Monotheism, Shield of The Umma[t], Hammer of The A'hzaab and The Empire of Faith - The Khilafiya[t]


Was allowed by Allah - Lord and Creator of The Worlds to be destroyed utterly and completely at the scheming hands of Dajjal and Ibliys' Confederacy. This must Allah do in order to clean-up HIS 'Ard-side of HIS Battle-Array of HIS great Imperial Army of Heaven and Earth that we Muslimiyn ourselves have messed up with our own stupidity; as well as part of HIS Plan to draw The Confederates into the open (as they grow bolder without the Khilafiya[t] to put them in line) for once last final showdown...

"HE it is who sent down The Sakiyna[t]
(serenity, calmness and tranquillity)
into the hearts of The Faithfuls, that
they may grow more in Faith along with
their (present) Faith. And to Allah
belong the hosts/army of The Heavens
and The Earth,
and Allah is Ever
All-Knower, All-Wise."

[Al-Fat'h 48:4]

Needless to say, i want to meet my people most. The proud warrior-nation of servants - The Muslimiyn; a few good men who are still loyal to Allah in HIS war against Dajjal and Ibliys' A'hzaab. To the bitter-sweet end.

Be still O my raging heart...
Inshaa'Allah, the Hour of The Rising is at hand...
Fear Allah, for that is the path of The Victorious...
O Sons{and daughters} of The Road...
Glory be to Allah.

Quickly. Unto my Caravan!
We must make haste O Sons of Adaam...
The fleeting time has never been our friend nor ally...
Let us make the journey unto Al-Firdaws, together...
The Earth was never our Home...
The Earth was never our Home.
The Earth was never our Home!
Glory be to Allah.

O Izraa^iyl{AS} my beloved...
Noblest of companions, The most gentle of councellors...
I wait for you O Honoured One...
For Allah has willed such...
By thy hands alone old one, will i see HIM...
What is there of greater prizes other than Allah's Visage?
Glory be to Allah.

Inshaa^Allah Old Friend...
Glory be to Allah, our appointment is sealed!
I wait patiently O Angel of Death...
For the hour we shall finally meet...
inshaa^Allah, hopefully with the warmest of feelings...
With the exchange of the greatest of greetings...


Glory be to Allah!
Glory be to Allah!
Glory be to Allah!

Please don't...
in my page. :D
Do RESIZE images to fit.
Add: width=100% to your IMG tag.
Oversized ones will be remove.
Sorry well-meaning people...
Don't want a horizontal scrollbar
popping up on me browser.
Jazakallahu khair.

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05-30-2007 8:30:03 Customization
Amira the Niqaabi

05-20-2007 8:26:30

Salam Again Akhi!

05-08-2007 6:44:33

Assalamualaikum i did follow you...sorry lambat jawab...tak bukak internet for the last 2 weeks....ya i found it very peacful here...mymuslim page..thanks to you

04-16-2007 9:45:27


04-16-2007 1:45:32

Aku meminta kepada Tuhan untuk menyingkirkan penderitaanku. Tuhan menjawab, Tidak. Itu bukan untuk Kusingkirkan, tetapi agar kau mengalahkannya. Aku meminta kepada Tuhan untuk menyempurnakan kecacatanku. Tuhan menjawab, Tidak. Jiwa adalah sempurna, badan hanyalah sementara. Aku meminta kepada Tuhan untuk menghadiahkanku kesabaran. Tuhan menjawab, Tidak. Kesabaran adalah hasil dari kesulitan; itu tidak dihadiahkan, itu harus dipelajari. Aku meminta kepada Tuhan untuk memberiku kebahagiaan. Tuhan menjawab, Tidak. Aku memberimu berkat. Kebahagiaan adalah tergantung padamu. Aku meminta kepada Tuhan untuk menjauhkan penderitaan. Tuhan menjawab, Tidak. Penderitaan menjauhkanmu dari perhatian duniawi dan membawamu mendekat padaKu. Aku meminta kepada Tuhan untuk menumbuhkan rohku. Tuhan menjawab, Tidak. Kau harus menumbuhkannya sendiri, tetapi Aku akan memangkas untuk membuatmu berbuah. Aku meminta kepada Tuhan segala hal sehingga aku dapat menikmati hidup. Tuhan menjawab, Tidak. Aku akan memberimu hidup, sehingga kau dapat menikmati segala hal. Aku meminta kepada Tuhan membantuku mengasihi orang lain, seperti Ia mengasihiku. Tuhanmenjawab.., akhirnya kau mengerti. HARI INI ADALAH MILIKMU JANGAN SIA-SIAKAN. Bagi dunia kamu mungkin hanyalah seseorang, Tetapi bagi seseorang kamu adalah dunianya.

04-16-2007 1:41:53

salam Goi..yea la..thats my lovely ummu... :D thanks for comment my pictures..
Sunni Muslimah

04-15-2007 4:25:37

Click for more Islamic animations, icons, avatars, cards,...etc

04-15-2007 12:39:45

03-18-2007 6:29:32

Asalamu alaikum, do you have any knowledge on gog magog or gog of magog?

03-10-2007 5:55:15

Asalamu alaikum brother, whats goin on with you, how is your weekend so far, hope all is well inshallah, salams

03-09-2007 1:52:15

03-07-2007 9:44:17

Salams bro, whats goin on, hope all is well with you and your family inshallah, take care.

03-03-2007 8:14:23

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting assalammualikum... how r you?? thanks 4 da approve yar... i'm new here.. so nice to meet you..

02-27-2007 9:34:48

OHHH, i see what you mean, humm, my bad. bro

02-26-2007 8:18:47

Asalamu alaikum, i love the knowledge you post sister, keep up the good work, it helps us all. salams

02-24-2007 5:44:22

As-salamu Alaikum graphics

02-07-2007 2:36:35

Salam alaykum akee, happy to be here with you, Mashallah, happy to be here on muslimpage! take care, I need somebody to cheer me up, a bit sad today...

02-02-2007 4:45:31

As-Salaamu' Alaykum akhiy,

It's funny, I have to write <br> all the time in here hahaha

I'm writing a paper and studying for an exam, it's in the middle of the night hahaha

Alright I'll let you go,
Wa'Alaykum As-Salaam

01-29-2007 3:29:26

OOPs wrong profile akhi!!! I wrote to you from Ahmad Zahir's profile! Well anyway, Wa-Alaykum As-Salaam!
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