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An-Niyqaabiy Fiysabiylillaah

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""Hasbuna^Allaah wa nig"
53 years old
Thurrah Aman of Adinbargh, Binanj
Singapore - 11900
Last Login: April 24 2013

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General Qais ibn Sa'd radhian Allaahu anhu narrates that The Prophet Sallaahu 'alayhi wa salaam said:

"If I were to order anyone to prostrate to another, I would order a woman to prostrate before her husband for the right that Allaah has entrusted upon women to their husbands."
[Abu Dawud]

Umm Salamah radhian Allahu anha narrates that The Prophet sallaahu 'alayhi wa salaam said:

"Any woman, who died while her husband was pleased with her, will enter Jannah."

Shaikh-ul-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah says:

"When a man's heart becomes attached to a woman, even though she is lawful for him, his heart will be her captive.

She controls him and manipulates him as she wills. In appearance he is her lord because he is her husband or her possessor.

However, in reality, he is her captive and is possessed by her especially when she knows his need and his passion for her.

Then she will control him in the same way in which a conquering, aggressive master controls an overpowered slave who cannot escape from his master.

Even worse than this is the captivity of the heart; this is more severe than the captivity of the body, and enslavement of the heart is much more severe than the enslavement of the body.

Verily, whoever' s body is subdued, enslaved and captivated will not care so long as his heart is reassured and is serene. In this way, it is possible for him to escape."

Woman was made from a rib of a man,

She was not created from his head to top him,

Not from his feet to be stepped upon,

She was made from his side, to be close to him,

From beneath his arm, to be protected by him,

Near his heart to be loved by him.

Abu Hurayrah radhian Allaahu anhu narrates that The Prophet sallaahu 'alayhi wa salaam said:

"The powerful is not he knocks down others; undoubtly the powerful is he the one who controls himself in a fit of anger."
[Bukhari 8.135]



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Status: Married
Here for: Networking, Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Al-Jannaahtul Firdaus
Body Type: Average
Smoke / Drink: No/No
Education: No Answer
Religion: Islam
Height: 5"1'

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    An-Niyqaabiy Fiysabiylillaah's Blurbs
About me:

Al Ghuraabaa'

They say that to err is human, and doubtlessly that's true, al'hamduwlillaah, BUT what they forgot to tell you is that mistakes mean growth for you inshaa^Allaah.

Subhana^Allaah failure never means defeat, and to slip is never a sin; instead, it's a chance to get back up and climb the hill again.

Take the setbacks in stride and make failure a time of reflection insha^Allaah.

Remember that it takes practice should you hope to gain perfection inshaa^Allaah. Even if you veer from the path and find yourself astray, if you hold onto the Haaqq, you'll eventually find the way inshaa^Allaah.

And when you look back to the trials you endured in the past, it will be such an incredible feeling to know that you made it at last! Al'hamduwlillaah!

Allaah is always with us, HE sees us, each and every step we take, each and every move we made, each and every breath we take. Allaah is with us, each and every moment is a lesson, we learn from our mistakes.

"Do people think
that they will be left alone
because they say:
"We believe,"
and will not be tested. "
[Al-'Ankaboot 29:2-3 ]

O Allaah, may it be pleasing to You to guide us and forgive our past, present and fututre sins... amiyn yaa Allaah!

"The Believers,
men and women,
are protectors one of another:
they enjoin what is just,
and forbid what is evil:
they observe regular prayers,
practise regular charity,
and obey ALLAAH and HIS Messenger.
On them will ALLAAH pour HIS Mercy:
for ALLAAH is Exalted in Power, Wise."

[At-Taubah 9:71]

Islam is my obsession, obeying my Rabb is my pleasure, following the sunnah is my passion and jihaad fiysabiylillaah is my desire......

An-Niyqaabiy Fiysabiylillaah

Be still O my raging heart...
Insha^Allaah, the Hour of The Rising is at hand...
Fear Allaah, for that is the path of The Victorious...
O Sons{and daughters} of The Road...
Glory be to Allaah.
Quickly. Unto my Caravan!
We must make haste O Sons of Adaam...
The fleeting time has never been our friend nor ally...
Let us make the journey unto Al-Firdaws, together...
The Earth was never our Home...
The Earth was never our Home.
The Earth was never our Home!
Glory be to Allaah.

O Izraa^iyl{AS} my beloved...
Noblest of companions, The most gentle of councellors...
I wait for you O Honoured One...
For Allaah has willed such...
By thy hands alone old one, will I see HIM...
What is there of greater prizes other than Allaah's Visage?
Glory be to Allaah.

Inshaa^Allah Old Friend...
Glory be to Allaah, our appointment is sealed!
I wait patiently O Angel of Death...
For the hour we shall finally meet...
inshaa^Allaah, hopefully with the warmest of feelings...
With the exchange of the greatest of greetings...


Glory be to Allaah!
Glory be to Allaah!
Glory be to Allaah!
~Akshun-Man Goimaalik~

"To those against
whom war is made,
permission is given
(to fight) because they
are wronged;-and verily
ALLAAH is Most Powerful
for their aid."

[Al-Haj 22:39]

"So be not weak
and ask not for peace
(from the enemies of Islam),
while you are having the upper hand.
ALLAAH is with you,
and will never decrease
the reward of your good deeds."

[Mu'hammad 47:35]

"If ALLAH helps you,
None can overcome you:
If HE forsakes you,
Who is there, after that,
That can help you?
In ALLAH then,
Let the Believers put their trust."

[Al-Imran 3:160]

"O Allaah, may it be pleasing to You to put my feet firm upon the straight path ...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allaah, may it be pleasing to You to put my feet firm upon the straight path ...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allaah! I ask You of Your Mercy by which You give guidance to my heart, by which You make my work easy, and remove my distressed condition by it, and manage my issues in my absence by it. And give exaltation and honour by Your Mercy; and clean my actions {from hypocrisy and infidelity} by Your Mercy; and put that thing in my heart, which is correct and suitable for me; and whatever I like, grant me by Your Mercy; and protect me from all evil by Your Mercy... amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allah! Give me that belief and faith after which there may not be any infidelity and a Mercy enabling me to achieve the blessings of Your gifts in this world and the Hereafter...amiyn yaa Allaah!

"O Allaah! I ask of you to give me a conviction and that Your Decree is the very fulfilment of my aims, and an entertainment which is offered to martyrs, and a life of the fortunate, and Your help over enemies...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allaah! I place before You my needs, though my understanding is limited, and my actions are weak, hence I am badly in need of Your Mercy...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O The Maker of affairs and Healer of the Hearts! As You by Your power keep the oceans separate from each other; so I request from You to keep me away from the punishment of the Hell-Fire, and the lamentations of the one about to perish, and from the punishment of the grave...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allaah! I ask You of that goodness which is beyond my understanding and intentions, and which I did not even ask. However, You promised this to anyone of Your creation, or any goodness which You want to give to any of Your slaves. I desire this and ask You of it by Your Mercy, O Sustainer of the universe!...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O You of firm promises and Master of good deeds! I ask for Your peace on the Day of Judgement, and Paradise on the Day of Eternity, to be among Your favourites and regular attendants of Your Court; frequently bowing and prostrating and fulfilling their promises. You are most Kind and Most Loving, and no doubt You do what You will!...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allaah! Make me one who is guided aright, and guides others aright. Do not misguide me, and do not make me misguided others. I may be in peace with Your friends and enemy of Your enemies. Those who love You, I should love them for that love of Yours, and those who are against You, I should have enmity with them due to their enmity with You...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allaah! It is for us to supplicate, and for You to accept. This is our effort and our reliance is on You...amiyn yaa Allaah!"

"O Allaah! Put Nur{light} in my heart, and make my grave illuminated; and grant me Nur infront of me, Nur at my back, Nur on my right, Nur on my left, Nur above me, Nur below me {Your Nur be around me}, and Nur in my ears, Nur in my eyes, Nur in every hair of mine, Nur in my skin, Nur in my flesh, Nur in my blood, and Nur in every bone of mine...O Allaah! Make my Nur enormous, grant me Nur and make Nur for me ...amiyn yaa Allaah!

"Unblemished is He Whose covering is Dignity itself and Whose Word is Dignified.

Unblemished is He Whose dress is Nobility and Honour.

Unblemished is He; and none can be appropriately called unblemished besides He.

Unblemished is He Who is of Great Excellence and full of Bounties.

Unblemished is He Who is of Great Dignity and Generousity.

Unblemished is He Who is the Possessor of Great Power and Respect."

Who I'd like to meet:

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07-27-2010 3:13:28

I extend greetings of peace to you and the Muslims in your area. May we find each other in the unity of Allah, the religion of Islam and the da'wah to Islam for the sake of Allah ta 'al( Al-'Ali) THE HIGHEST!
Lady Majjid

07-14-2010 7:06:29

Assalamualaikum sister.......... may your day be filled with lots of love and blessings..

07-01-2010 10:57:36

As'salaamu'3alaikum, Ya Ukhtee Apa Kabar????

05-22-2010 11:32:32

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02-08-2010 12:27:59

Jazak Allah Khair for being 1 of best sisters in the world. I love you for the pleasure and glory of Allah!

01-07-2010 10:04:57

Salaams sister, I hope the New year is going well for you so far Insha Allah. Thank you for your comments

12-31-2009 8:24:36


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03-07-2009 6:59:50


03-05-2009 5:51:59

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02-26-2009 11:01:45

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02-21-2009 12:05:20

as salamo akyom warahmato OJIJI WA brkatoh all my great gteeting and peace to you how are you? hope you was very nice with all your family thank you very mauch you send to me in my old site i'm long time no know my old page. The old site was closed,,PhotobucketPhotobucket
Wafiyyah A~Rah

02-16-2009 10:39:30

As Salaamu Alaikum waRahmatullahi waBarakatuhu.Long time no hear from sis,masha`Allah!..Anyhoot! I pray all is well with you and your family,insha`Allah.I miss ya,masha`Allah.Take care sis and always know I love you for the sake of salaama...ya sista Wafiyyah

01-10-2008 7:28:08

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Ameenah Malak

01-04-2008 11:38:07

01-04-2008 2:08:57

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01-03-2008 2:07:11


12-29-2007 10:35:10

12-29-2007 10:27:13

Get your card @ Jazakum Allah for the add May Allah bless your efforts
~Mumin~kenya ~~

12-26-2007 10:46:07

PhotobucketIslam always and forever encourage sisterly love and affection and forbid sisters in faith to abandon one another. Remember the bond of love for the sake of Allah will not be separated, itís too strong. Draw closer to your entire sisters around the world, as enjoined by Islam. I love you for Allah glory. May Allah take care of you, ameen.
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