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114 years old
Selangor, Petaling Jaya
Malaysia - 46100
Last Login: December 13 2011

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Status: Single
Here for: Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Body Type: No Answer
Ethnicity: Other
Smoke / Drink: No/No
Education: High school
Religion: Islam
Height: 0"0'

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 Embracing Islam 
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 La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah! 
 Goimaalik Al-Muslim 
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09-29-2007 11:58:12 Just stopping by to give Salaams inshaAllah all is well with you.

09-12-2007 9:40:09 Customization
May Allah accept from us.
raihane el jana

09-10-2007 1:56:43 Customization
raihane el jana

09-06-2007 10:11:18 Customization
I hope that you are doing well Thanks for the request

08-29-2007 12:37:38

07-27-2007 1:01:31

As Salaamu Alaikum Sister Thanks for the Add

07-09-2007 12:48:07

Boy chasing for water-

US Soldier Atrocities in Iraq -

Soldiers TORTURING a HURT DOG in Iraq-

U.S. Soldiers in Iraq kill innocent civilians and laugh! -


06-28-2007 4:47:12


06-27-2007 1:56:19


06-17-2007 1:28:06 Customization

06-15-2007 6:29:01

Spanish graphics from My Onda -
Just keeping in touch, inshaAllah all is well with you and yours.
Ameenah Malak

06-04-2007 5:35:57 Customization
Ameenah Malak

06-04-2007 5:31:40 Customization

06-04-2007 5:20:30

As Salaamu Alaikum, Thank you for adding me. Please stop by and check of this weeks blog. Leave a comment. Tell me what you think. Wa Salaam
Ameenah Malak

06-04-2007 6:56:28 Customization

05-31-2007 4:57:53 Customization
Asalaam aleykoum , Thank you for the Add. I am looking forward to getting to know you sister inshaAllah.
Goimaalik Al-Muslim

05-01-2007 6:43:44

Salaamu[n] 'ala(y) mani-(a)ttaba'a-(a)l-huda(y) Peace be upon whoever follows Guidance.

Bismi-(a)llahi-(al)-rra'hmaani-(al)-rra'hiym. In The name of Allah The Mercy, The Benovalent.

May it be pleasing to Allah to guard us from the azaab of jahannam and tribulation of the grave; may it be pleasing to Allah to protect us from the fitaan of living and dying and may be it be pleasing to Allah to guide us thru the fitna[t] of Dajjal and his a'hzaab.

May Allah write our names in Firdaws to be with HIS haawaariyin and Ansaar forever. May it be pleasing to Allah to forgive and blot our sins. May it be pleasing to Allah to make firm our feet and hearts upon HIS Straight Path. May it be pleasing to Allah to forbidden upon us HIS Fire Eternal. May it be pleasing to Allah to bestow us clearguidance and wisdom. May it be pleasing to Allah to enjoin us upon HIS Muw^miniyn.

'Amma Ba'ad(u).

Try not to sin. This causes the wrath of Allah to decend.

If a person is obedient to Allah and refrains from sin, he is rewarded with the pleasure of Allah who saves him/her from the problems of this world and the chastisment of The Hereafter. Once he commits a sin, he becomes liable to the displeasure of Allah and punishment. Problems and misfortune overtake him.

All of us today are occupied in sinful activity - the men and the women, young and old, the ruled and the rulers, the poor and the rich. It is very rare that anyone may be found whose sins are few, otherwise all engaged in one or another form of sin and we invite the punishment of all every time.

The funny part is that everyone says that the misfortunes upon us are the results of our misdeeds!

Yet no one prepared to give up sinful life. The misfourtune and hardships cannot be adverted by confession.

They can be removed only by giving up sinful sins and adding deeds!


Salaamu[n] 'ala(y) mani-(a)ttaba'a-(a)l-huda(y) Peace be upon whoever follows Guidance.

Finally... Miss Lerni, arrived gak akhirnya. Ahlan wa sahlan. Sapo punya pokok pisang? Bole dapat sesikat?

04-28-2007 2:25:17

Asalaamu alaikum. Apa Kabar? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

03-26-2007 12:23:56


03-25-2007 8:26:01

Thanks for the add, I hope we will become great friends..
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